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Anderson Controls, Inc. offers an impressive range of monitors suitable for single or multi-die machines and thread rollers, providing a solution for every need.

Their force sensor technology is particularly noteworthy. It can learn the forming force for each station by being located directly in the station's work area. This allows operators to efficiently set production counts and limits for each station, promptly identifying and addressing any issues to maintain optimal performance.


run up 

The Run-Up Detector is a handy device with impressive functionalities. It is equipped with two relays, a counter, a fault detector, a digital output, and a convenient light indicator. Moreover, the stylish casing ensures seamless integration with any existing setup.


Our newest device, the T3, just hit the market. It has a 7-inch touchscreen, eight analog and one digital input, one digital output, and a status indicator. We also made setting up a breeze by including auto or fixed limits. And to top it off, the T3 comes loaded with four relays right out of the box.

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