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A complicated design with simple user interface allows operators to perform easy tasks of setting control counters, limits of constancy controlled force, or AVG. View and adjust control limits with monitor in-control. Auto LEARN and Auto LIMITS for minimal operator input.


NEW Features
• 7" Color Touch Screen
• Smart I/O
• USB Ports

Current Features
• 8 Channel
• External LED Indicator Lamp
• 4 SPDT Relays
• Machine/Tool Protection 

Current Sensors

• 8 mm Probe Sensor
• PD Sensor
• Disc Sensor

 Classic ACE 200, 400, 600

Simple. Effective. Upgradeable.

ACE200 front panel cutout.png
ACE400 front panel cutout.png
ACE600 front panel cutout.png

The ACE 200, ACE 400, and ACE 600 plus have been redesigned, simple operations, new smart I/O, touch screen display, upgradeable to the INSIGHT plus!

NEW DESIGN Same Great Features
• 7" Color Touch Screen
• Smart I/O
• Upgradeable to INSIGHT plus
• Operator friendly 


ACE / R.U.D.

  • Run up detection

  • Spring probe Sensors

  • 2 Relays - NO/NC

  • 110/240 Power input

  • Reset unit / Counter

  • Unit w/ adjustable spring mount

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